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No one is better than John St. at lampooning the absurdities of the advertising business. First, the Toronto agency parodied case studies, then catvertising. Now, it sets its sights on the latest flavor du jour, prankvertising, in… Continue reading

The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding

The Importance of Colors in Branding Let’s address branding, which is one of the most important issues relating to color perception and the area where many articles on this subject run into problems.… Continue reading

Tired of London, Tired of Brands

Since 2012, London has been on a high. Social became the layman’s commentary box as the Jubilee and Olympics propelled London love to new heights. London is still riding on the wave, and… Continue reading

Maison Martin Margiela with H&M

Watch the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M commercial directed by Sam Taylor Wood, that sees models including dancing in the streets of Paris. The collection launches in-store on 15th November. View the full collection here. Did you like… Continue reading

London Love (spot the German) by Clarks

  Michael Hennegan, the Sunday Times Fashion Features Editor, hits the streets of London at 10.00am and talks to some of the capital’s snappiest dressed urbanites. He asks about their jobs, where they’re… Continue reading

POPSHOP: A Free Open Source WordPress Theme for Social Commerce

POPSHOP is a free one-page WordPress theme that adds a temporary ‘pop-up shop’ page to your website or Facebook Page, allowing you to sell digital content or a product sample for the price… Continue reading

Facebook announces partnership with mobile carriers

Today at Mobile World Congress, Facebook announced what could be a potentially game-changing move: it’s created an ecosystem where people can pay for things on their mobile phone bill directly through Facebook, in… Continue reading

Facebook mobile adverts ‘expected’ from next month

Facebook users accessing the service through mobile devices could be served adverts in the near future. The Financial Times reports that the social networking giant may open up the portable version of the… Continue reading

Why set up shop on Facebook?

We think launching products with pop-up stores on Facebook, and more generally brand-building with pop-up f-commerce is smart branding. Why? Because word of mouth is critical to branding, particularly at product launch, when… Continue reading

Update: Sofia Coppola Directs Marni for H&M Campaign

FIRST LOOK: Marni for H&M by Sofia Coppola.