Shitstorming Mario Gotze



Nope, this is not Justin Bieber. This is Mario Götze a very talented German football player, who just recently changed from BVB Dortmund to FC Bayern. For those who don’t know; The two teams played the Champions League final in London a few months back. In fact it was about the same time his transfer got announced. Exactly! Now if you still don’t know what I am talking about – never mind.

For all the other … you see his social media popularity skyrocket when he announced his transfer. Today he took it to his personal Facebook and Twitter to share a piece of his mind … thanking the BVB team and fans for a great experience. He also wanted to let us know how much he is looking forward to this new chapter in his career. Now chapter in German is K A P I T E L, not to be confused with K A P I T A L, which means capital. But that’s exactly what the young bloke did. You can only imagine how his BVB Fans felt about this Freudian slip.

Chin up Mario! Facebook-Likes are still on the rise.