SocialBakers are back with another great infographic, this time profiling the pages achieving the top spots in Facebook’s biggest markets around the world.

What we find most interesting in its findings are the cultural differences that these rankings highlight: few brands achieve universal success, and there are some discoveries that seem to go against ‘popular’ marketing wisdom:

  • Coca-Cola is the largest brand page in the world on Facebook, but Pepsi is a clear leader in India, Facebook’s third-largest market;
  • Nokia and Blackberry are still amongst people’s favourite brands in many of the world’s most populous nations, with Indonesia, Mexico, Egypt and Turkey all demonstrating that these brands still hold huge sway around the globe;
  • Categories like confectionary and technology appear to have widespread appeal, but each country demonstrates its own idiosyncrasies, and US preferences are by no means representative of the picture we see elsewhere in the world.

From this perspective, it’s clear that local attitudes and behaviour are still central to people’s preferences, and to the things they choose to engage with in social media.

Marketers looking for deeper insights into this issue may find particular value in our recent report on the ‘global vs. local’ aspect of global social media management.