Because we can’t all live in Mayfair

Because we can’t all live in Mayfair. Sh*t London.

London’s streets may well be paved with gold (figuratively speaking of course), but they’re also home to a seemingly unending array of tat, ridiculous shop front puns and artefacts that verily do skewer the heart of the capitalist dream.

And while the marketing folk behind next year’s Olympics might wish that such detritus wasn’t littering our streets, London born and bred photographer Patrick Dalton positively revels in such flotsam and jetsam.

He’s spent the last few years taking pics of our capital’s rudest – and in some cases, pigeon vandalised (see pic four above) – signs, distorted posters and images that provoke a wry giggle from even the most disinterested hipster – whoever daubed ‘Train-W*nkers’ along railway sidings in Wimbledon take a bow.

Handily, his assortment of photos has been collected in a new tome, conveniently titled Shit London. Here are just a handful of our favourites.
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