Hip hop is dying in America. Killed by Lady Gaga

Anywhere else in the world, a hip-hop song about going to the mall would be laughed off the airways. In Saudi Arabia, it gets banned. Mamno3 al Shabab  (“guys not allowed,” in the transliterated lingo of international texting, which uses numbers like 3 for sounds that don’t exist in English), one of the latest hits the latest single from Jeddah’s home grown hip-hop group, Blak-R, has become an underground sensation. Not because it features bad language or subversive lyrics, but because it talks about the one issue that mostyoung men in Saudi Arabia can readily identify with – they aren’t allowed to go to the mall.

CLIP // http://youtu.be/wpVbz9MmQdo

TIME WORLD // (http://globalspin.blogs.time.com/2011/06/22/in-saudi-arabia-hip-hop-takes-on-weighty-subjects-like-the-mall/?xid=tweetbut) by Aryn Baker