That Newcastle Brown Ale’s Super Bowl Ad Teaser…

This “If We Made It” campaign, celebrating the Super Bowl commercial the brewer would have made—if it had been able to afford one is spot on and utterly effective. I shared it with everyone I… Continue reading


No one is better than John St. at lampooning the absurdities of the advertising business. First, the Toronto agency parodied case studies, then catvertising. Now, it sets its sights on the latest flavor du jour, prankvertising, in… Continue reading

Genuine Brand Publishing Needs to Trump Generic Content Marketing

Content marketing, alleged industry savior for publishers, advertisers and marketers alike, is going through a bit of a crisis of conscience. As a medium it’s come so far and so fast that it’s… Continue reading

Nokia taking the mickey out of Google and its Android KitKat

Instead they should focus on making the best of a bad job and rescue their band reputation. Check the chart below to see how Nokia Has Lost 20% of Smartphone Market Since Microsoft Partnership… Continue reading

The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding

The Importance of Colors in Branding Let’s address branding, which is one of the most important issues relating to color perception and the area where many articles on this subject run into problems.… Continue reading

Shitstorming Mario Gotze

  Nope, this is not Justin Bieber. This is Mario Götze a very talented German football player, who just recently changed from BVB Dortmund to FC Bayern. For those who don’t know; The… Continue reading

The Many faces of influence

The Many Faces of Influence infographic

Tired of London, Tired of Brands

Since 2012, London has been on a high. Social became the layman’s commentary box as the Jubilee and Olympics propelled London love to new heights. London is still riding on the wave, and… Continue reading

Disclosure on “Later… with Jools Holland” – BBC Two


New Song: Beyonce – “Grown Woman”

Beyonce has performed “Grown Woman” live during her The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour but the full studio recording has eluded her desperate fans for months. Now, the complete version of the entertainer’s new song… Continue reading